Weker Water Economizers

How to limit water waste from industrial refrigeration processes and, at the same time, drastically reduce water bills

Water bill -96%
100% Tax Deductible
100% Eco-friendly
Patented System

Weker water economizers can easily take in water at a temperature of 80°C and recycle 94-98% of it in the cooling circuits of machines like Creamers, Pasteurizers, Boilers and Refrigerating units in general, allowing them to retain their original performance levels without adjusting the settings of their pressostatic valves. The machine contains a refrigeration unit, special high-efficiency heat exchangers, a high-volume canalizing fan, a water reservoir, a pump for conveying water to external units and an electronic control panel. The bodywork is entirely in stainless steel panels to allow easy cleaning and location of the machine in any food-preparation area. The entire hydraulic system is built in corrosion-resistant materials (stainless steel, brass, rubber and plastic).

Installation within closed spaces is facilitated by several factors:1. Particularly compact dimensions (in relation to refrigeration capacity, the smallest on the market; to have the same power with a traditional chiller unit we would need machinery at least double in size compared to the Weker Economizer).2. Four pivoting wheels3. Air intake only at the front of the machine4. Hydraulic connection via flexible tubes5. Extremely limited volume of cooling air required; can be canalized up to 20 meters with an 18 cm diameter tube. The volume of air treated is 2000 – 2500 m3, allowing installation within laboratories or other settings without causing large air movements.6. Noiseless functioning, both internal and external7. PATENTED system, unique in the world (our PATENTED cooling system allows these machines to give excellent results with reduced electricity consumption – NB the best ratio on the market of installed voltage to refrigeration capacity. This gives further savings which directly benefit our clients).8. Domestic hot water and air conditioning can be produced. If you are interesting in water saving consumption of your laboratory, please contact us and a partner of Liakos will contact you to give you an offer for this.

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