Liakos Cooling Systems guarantees continuous 24-hour technical support by qualified and certified personnel with high expertise, and years of experience in commercial and industrial cooling.

To service our customers better we created technical support contracts providing special benefits.

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Technical Support Contracts

  1. Annual Technical Support Contract
  2. Monthly Technical Support Contract
  3. Per Call Technical Support Contract
  4. Preventive Technical Support Contract
  5. Seasonal Technical Support Contract


Choose the Technical Support Contract that covers your needs and take advantage of the preferential advantages!


  • Putting the response time
  • Discounted rates in parts
  • Avoiding problems thanks to the regular monthly maintenance of existing equipment.
  • Monthly service charge regardless visits adjusting according the needs of each customer.
  • End User Training
  • Direct telephone support (remote assistance)
  • 24 Hour Support (emergency with Contract Service)
  • Immediate availability of spare parts (the next day by UPS or within two days by DHL)