Cold Rooms Technical Specifications

Polyurethane Insulated Panels, of German, Italian, French and Greek Origin.

Panel with keys: Connection and disconnection of panels made with keys, facilitating the placement and transfer to reinsert them in another room. Adding or removing panels, we can modify the size of the cooling chamber according to the needs of the customer.

The thickness of the insulation depends on the temperatures required, while the outer surfaces are available in a wide variety of designs and materials such as stainless steel, stainless formula Raute, stainless matte white plate, with electrostatic paint and a large variety of RAL colors.

Used in areas requiring controlled temperature conditions as Conservation Areas – Freezer – Shock – Slow Maturing – ULO and CA and in Spiral Tunnel and automatic production. Their surfaces are formed according to the method of construction that requires modern hygiene regulations ΗΑCCΡ. The coating of the plates is suitable and approved for the food industry (with antifungal coating lamination film PVC, polyester and classless). The materials of the Panel do not contain FCKW (FCKW Free) and bear testimonial seal of quality – sanitary DIN EN ISO 9001, 1994.

Polyurethane Panel Thickness:

* PUR 80 = K = 0,235W/m2K* PUR100 = K = 0.190W/m2K* PUR120 = K = 1.155W/m2K* PUR150 = K = 0.136W/m2K

Special Constructions

Individual solutions which are adapted to the local conditions.

Our company philosophy is to provide individual solutions tailored to your requirements. On site you show us which areas you want to use as a cooler – we will handle the rest for you. The possibilities are virtual without limits. Have you slanted walls? There are pillars or columns on site? – That does not pose a problem as we will build the cooler around these objects!

Cold Room Floors for perfect thermal insulation and waterproofing. Standard Edition: All standard floors have non-slip stainless steel surface. Hygienic: Sanitary floors are around 10mm from the wall of the material so that the compound is outside the boundaries of critical areas where collected dirt and bacteria. The stainless steel floor, according to the law, sanitary type DIN 51130 category R13. Reinforced: For enhanced high capacity floors, no binding size. They slip front stainless steel 1.9mm and healthcare category R10, according to DIN 51130, while their unions are a special airtight seam mixture.

Our company in order to meet the needs and requirements of its customers, has a wide range of different doors, like:

• Rotating doors • Sliding doors• Fully automatic – automatic – semi-automatic – manual doors • Monitoring – service with opening single or double leafs doors • With up and down Roll doors • Fireproof with special Exit doors • With meat transport rails doors • Controlled atmosphere or U.L.O.  doors • PVC doors

Choices between: let’s assemble together, the cold room that will meet your needs.• Internal and external coating similar to customer desire• With or without floor• Hygienic, stainless, standard, heavy- duty, extra heavy for use of trolleys, with ventilation system• With interior lighting• Protection bars (panel trolleys) at the internal and external site of the room• Ramps for trolleys• Shelves multidimensional• Wheeled Wagons• Bars for hooks• Hygienic corners• Floor – Doors and Windows Resistances, (double glass doors and windows)• Pressure Release Valve• Dehumidifier

The panel surfaces are available in a wide variety of designs and materials such as:

• Sheet steel, hot-dip galvanized, laminated with polyester, white(shade near RAL 9002)• Sheet steel, hot-dip galvanized, laminated with polyester, white(shade near RAL 9010)• Sheet steel, hot-dip galvanized, laminated with polyester, white(large variety of RAL colors)• CNS brushed Stainless steel, brushed• CNS matt finished circle design• Stainless steel, matt finished circle design• CNS rhomb Stainless steel, rhomb• CNS linen Stainless steel, linen

Other facings upon request. * The Surfaces are formed according to the method of construction that requires modern hygiene regulations (ΗΑCCΡ). The coating of the plates is suitable and approved for the food industry (with anti-fungal coating lamination film PVC, polyester and classless).

Electrical Panel

The electromechanical control is electronic whiteboard Control instrument with automatic programs.

Electrical Whiteboard Control Panels with manual or automatic programs, PLC system, touch screen, inverter fan cooling system for constant temperature and overheating prevention. With materials ABB, Siemens, AEG, Telemecanique. All paintings are accompanied by test certificate, complete wiring diagrams (caddy electrical), ISO 9001, with a 1-year warranty and can store records for five years.

Electronic Control: Control Panels with automatic programs

Any refrigeration unit includes an electronic system monitoring the internal temperature and humidity of one or more cold store or outlet refrigerators and indications given in one console located on the outer surface of the chamber. To detect defects or malfunctions and an alarm system. LCS cooperates with German and Italian electronic control panels manufacturers.Electronic Control Panels with Fully automatic and manual programs.

By adjusting the touch buttons (up / down) temperature, input parameters (for the desired temperature setting), door resistors and power indicator flap (always open), chamber lighting, manual / automatic defrost, machine operation, operating element fan (evaporator) , indicating defrost, display Alarm (a potential problem / injury).

Data Recorders

The temperature recording issue in cold storage is of particular importance since it is the main indicator of quality storage.The data logger unveiled any time the client and the coolant, the accuracy of their work and any wrong moves.

With recorded temperatures, we can ensure the proper operation of the refrigeration room and remind owners not to neglect the maintenance or repair of refrigerators.

Used in: the law calls for use in cold size exceeding 50 cubic meters refrigerator compartments, and in cold storage freezer size exceeding 10 cubic meters, and in all processing areas, packing and food handling.

Supervisory & Control Systems via MODEM

Utilizing the latest technology, it is possible by computer and using a telephone line, to a check of the system from the construction company, to detect any damage or handling errors and to inform the client or to make necessary settings system from the same manufacturer.

From the depositor (memory) system with a microcomputer (Laptop – notebook) can every hour and moment to invoke and process various data back up to 2 1/2 days.