INOX Constructions | Mass Catering Equipment

Liakos Cooling Systems provides integrated product solutions and services to stores’ equipment, able to fully meet the needs of any catering unit size (hotels, restaurants, bakery and pastry shops, bars, catering, cafe, grill etc.). Operating Structures that meet your requirements and fit perfectly in your space.

We manufacture any special inox construction according to the requirements of your space. The specialized staff of our company is at your disposal to answer any questions and recommend viable and functional solutions for your professional shop equipment. All you need is a plan view of the laboratory or of your space, your equipment needs, and the aesthetic that you would like to follow. The rest will come to your email with dimensional drawings – proposals. We will be happy to focus on your needs and equip your requirements!

You can get ideas of ready projects of the brands that we represent: Friggomeccanica & Ciam