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THE QUALITY FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS The wide range of blast freezers and blast chillers proposed by Techfrost guarantees the quality of your food products, preserving his characteristics and qualities for a long time.Whatever your space or service residence is, you will surely find the most adapt product for your professional workshop. All the Techfrost products are indispensable in sectors of gastronomy, pastry, gelato-making and bread-making, ambitus operative where work time and relevancy to food safety requirements have an essential role.The use of temperature blast chiller guarantees the observance of parameters imposed by the hygiene normative, preserving quality and the serenity of work. Technical performances of Techfrost blast freezers and blast chillers are certificated by important certification authorities, and before their entry in the market, all are subjected to strict quality checks. The quality of services and products provided by Techfrost is the result of a work continued in years with experience, professionality and passion; we design them with care and attention, thinking about professional needs of customers that share our same valours.Models like (for example) JOF-23 and JOF-ONE ensure high performances, adapting perfectly to low dimensions spaces. You will then make use of the efficiency and reliability that characterize our blast chillers even in small spaces, with no compromises.

PASTRY The blast chilling and blast freezing allow to obtain a new work system, faster and ideal for treating all the products from the raw and semi-cooked like the croissant, bases for cakes, etc.) to the ones already cooked, also the most delicate, maintaining them fresh, exactly as just prepared. The blast chiller-blast freezers TECHFROST became a new workforce for your laboratory, increasing considerably profits and quality with rhythms of work definitely less stressful. 
ARTISAN ICE For many years the blast chillers and blast freezers TECHFROST increase the value and improve the production of artisan ice cream, ice cream cakes and cold desserts. Thanks to a research that puts first the requirements of the gelato masters, TECHFROST is successful in proposing instruments suitable for any laboratory.The fast blast chilling cycle guarantees the fast hardening and the perfect conservation of the ice cream specialities, with concrete advantages. 


CATERING The inadequate cooling of the food just cooked is the main cause of illnesses and poisonings. The blast chiller TECHFROST reduce drastically the temperature of the foods blocking the bacterial proliferation of the product and avoiding the dehydration of the product keeping the organoleptic qualities. The fast frozen produces also the phenomenon of the micro-crystallization of the liquids present in the foods, keeps the structure of the tissues and maintains, therefore, the quality also after the defrosting and regulation process.

BAKERY The storage cabinets and blast chiller/freezers of TECHFROST opened new horizons and new markets to the artisan and industrial production of the bread and of the brioches. You can store uncooked food, partially or integrally cooked and left, keeping anyway the integrity and the fragrance. Also, the storage blast chiller TECHFROST allow passing directly the products from the oven to the fast freezing maintaining absolutely unchanged the natural fragrance of the fresh product also those partially or completely cooked.