Quadro Neo Series by Silfer


History and innovation.Design, technology and versatility find a perfect marriage in the new Quadro Neo line. A unique collection which stands out for its class.The latest creations of Silfer production combine experience and research with excellent results. A system that combines a clean line with the best use of the content and stands out for its appearance, functionality and energy-saving.All Quadro Neo showcases have standard LED lighting and come with a brand-new “sensitive touch” user-friendly control panel. Exclusively Heegen technology, with a front-line design, entirely created and produced by the company.The entire range is equipped with high-efficiency motors, which give the same performance with a lower power consumption. It also employs CFC-free, low impact refrigerant gases and is built with largely recyclable materials and double-glazing compliant with the standard EN UNI 1279.Cakes, ice creams, semifreddi, pralines, wines, every creation in a new light that attracts at first glance.