Quadro Series by Silfer

Top-level design. Only the best of Silfer design and technology in the Quadro line: the setting with the most refined taste to enhance your creations.

A complete collection to bring out every little detail. An object in line with new trends, to furnish and embellish every bar or restaurant. Quadro displays are provided with full optional. They are equipped with standard LED lighting, further improved with the addition of more power, and they have a brand-new “sensitive touch” user-friendly control panel with a front-line technological design. All the doors of the below-zero display units of this family are equipped with special “No-Fog” double-glazing, which totally prevent the formation of condensation and misting over. These novelties have the advantage of enabling a significant reduction in consumption and as a result a considerable saving in energy. The “sensitive touch” control panel and the “No-Fog” system are a Heegen exclusive. The entire range is equipped with high-efficiency motors, which give the same performance with lower power consumption. It also employs CFC-free, low impact refrigerant gases and is built with largely recyclable materials and double-glazing compliant with the standard EN UNI 1279.Pastries, pralines, chocolate and wines, every product are framed ideally to catch the customer’s eye.