Kanakis, Center of Gastronomy

Cold and Freezer Rooms, connected with a Multi Parallel Cooling Systemfor 1st Raw Materials

Field of Application: Gastronomy Center of Athens and ThesalonikiProduct: Rooms Combination, connected with a Multi Parallel Cooling Systemfor 1st Raw Materials & After Sales ServiceYear: 2007Location: Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece.Client Activity: Trade of 1st Raw Pastry, Bakery, Ice – Cream Materials.Current Status: On-going contract / Technical Support by Liakos Cooling Systems 

Project DescriptionCombination Chilling RoomsThe Athens Center of Gastronomy is housed in a multifunctional room area (total surface: 300 m2). The “heart” of the center includes the technical lab and the impressive show room for seminars and presentations (capacity: 50 people). The lab is fully equipped with tools and machinery of the latest technology and of the highest quality standards, simulating the production requirements of a pastry, bakery, ice cream, chocolate or food service facility.At the same time, high-end technology audiovisual equipment allows the better monitoring of the seminars and the live demonstrations.Athens Installation: DOUBLE FREEZER | COOLER | SHOCK | RETARDER COMBINATION ROOMMeanwhile, within 2007, the Thessaloniki Center of Gastronomy started its operations, inside the distribution centre of the Company in the Industrial Area of Sindos. It is a truly innovative training centre dedicated to the professionals of Northern Greece and the Balkan countries.Thesaloniki Installation: DOUBLE FREEZER | SHOCK | COOLER ROOMhttp://www.stelioskanakis.gr/document.aspx?iid=49&lang=en