Tradition with style. From the Silfer story, where cold is born. Silfer, the family evolution. The way to excellence. Samoiedo, the showcases that made the Silfer story, will keep your creations in a practical, functional setting. The best choice for those who appreciate supple lines with character. A complete range for every need. Since 1997 the name of Italian professional refrigeration has been Silfer, the brand that has made an art of cold temperatures, today owned by Heegen S.r.l. The CURVE refrigerated displays, at the origin of the brand’s history, have been fully redesigned in a harmonious marriage between tradition and innovation. With today’s rounded, smooth profile, the Samoiedo range is always in step with the times. All CURVE showcases have standard LED lighting and come with a brand-new sensitive touch control panel with a front-line design. Easy to use and designed and produced entirely by the company, it is an exclusively Heegen technology. The entire range is equipped with high-efficiency motors, which give the same performance with a lower power consumption. It also employs CFC-free, low-impact refrigerant gases and is built with largely recyclable materials and with double-glazing compliant with the standard EN UNI 1279. Cakes, ice-creams, pralines and wines, every product are displayed in the best way possible.

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