Built-in Quadro Wall Displays by Silfer – Heegen

Monday, February 14, 2022

Built-in Quadro Wall Displays by Silfer – Heegen

Built-in Quadro Wall Displays by Silfer – Heegen

The Quadro Wall Built-in Displays – Quadro Wall Series provides designers and end-users with unique, original solutions, ideal to give a unique and exclusive identity to any setting.

A philosophy of the HEEGEN family developed to meet the wishes and needs of its customers, which has resulted in the Quadro Wall Series. Designed not only to perform a technical function but, above all, as a complement to furnishings.

A complete collection that strengthens every little detail. An object according to new trends, for every arrangement in furnishings and decoration.

The Quadro Wall showcases are fully integrated with additionally refreshed and improved LED lighting, with a new touch sensitive electronic control and innovative double glazing “no-fog” system that completely eliminates the problem of blur and condensation.

The whole range is equipped with a CFC-free cooling system with low environmental impact, made of recyclable materials and double glazing according to UNI EN 1279 standard.

All these new features also have the advantage of significantly reducing power consumption and, consequently, ensure significant energy savings.

The ideal frame for any product that will stimulate your customers’ imagination.

Silfer by Heegen QUADRO WALL Inserted Showcases landed in Greece with great success!

Customer: Artison Artisan

Storage Products: Cakes, Ice Cream, Chocolate

Location: Harilaou Trikoupi 80, Athens

You can see the Quadro Wall Fitted Showcases in one of the most recent installations at the New Branch Christodoulou – Ariston, in Athens and in the exhibition of our offices in Athens.

Contact us to dress your own space with Quadro Wall showers and Italian elegance and design, in every detail.