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Ice – Cream Machines by BOVO


All the experience and high quality of one of the most referenced companies in the production sector of machinery and equipment for ice-cream producers.

The History of the house: 70 years and I still feel young! 

BOVO has a story worth telling. 

When the Gelato Exhibition was first held at Longarone in 1959, Bovo was one of the 18 daring companies responsible for promoting the real Italian gelato, sparking great interest in machines designed and built specifically for ice cream production, favouring their technical development. 

Bovo's history began 15 years earlier when Bruno Pillon decided to start making gelato accessories and ice cream machines with the help of some colleagues, using some pieces of cast iron and other unused Italian materials. 

Somehow Bruno made the first scoop of ice cream in a small workshop, with the only help of a manual printing press. This new product was immediately appreciated by all the "gelato immigrants", who, returning to Italy after a summer period of work in Austria and Germany, stopped at the small shops in Longarone to admire the latest products in the field of gelato ice cream. 

Soon the ice cream scoop gave way to more sophisticated machines that needed more space to design and assemble. Bovo was born in 1946.

Craftsmanship and the longing for innovation led Mr Pillon to promote such innovations that his contribution was vital to the development of the field. However, the story of Bovo is not trapped in those moments that were captured in tone images. 

It is a story that is renewed, thanks to Claudio and Paolo, the sons of Bruno and Matteo, his nephew, who continue to produce their machines with the craftsman, adding to their traditional knowledge of modern technology. In 2014 Bovo presents a new look, new machines and new services and offers its customers a stop, to meet the needs related to the development and production of equipment adapted for any jelly and confectionery maker. 

A simple mission with established values

Our mission consists of a few healthy ingredients, as well as good gelato. We want to offer you machines that are handmade and built around your daily work. The experience that comes from our long history and the genius of the youngest members of our team allow us to think, design and implement stable and reliable machines for you, with custom functions and graphics.

Our values ​​are simple, we want to participate fully and commit to being guided by quality, passion and skill.

Bovo Ice - Cream Machines

Bovo Ice - Cream Machines