Bovalis Fresh Produce

Two Maintenance – Storage Rooms, with Multi Cooling System

Field of ApplicationAgricultural Products – Farmer Product: Two Maintenance – Storage Agricultural Rooms, with Multi-Cooling System Year: 2006 & 2014 Location: Kapareli – Theva, Voiotia, Greece Client Activity: Produce and Trade of Agricultural Products (Potato & Onions). Current Status: On-going contract / Technical Support by Liakos Cooling Systems

Project Description

  • Two Maintenance – Storage Rooms, with Multi – Cooling System
  • White, thickness 100 mm.
  • Sliding Maintenance Door, with clear opening: 2000×2500 mm.
  • Switchboard with electronic control for all refrigerators made in Italy.
  • PLC System (Capacity Control).
  • System Back Up with Manual Control in a case of failure.
  • Multi-Cooling Unit for all cold rooms, in a sealed metal base.
  • Inverter compressor (for a smooth start, compressor protection, energy saving).
  • Evaporators, Condensers, Cooling Unit, made in Germany.
  • Dry System, Recycle Fans for proper air distribution and Intake Fan System – Channels for air exhaust.
  • Internal lighting system.
  • HAACP standards.

          In place of order: installation of the panel, door, cooling – electrical – plumbing.