Blast Chiller /  Shock Freezer  BAKER SF 95  designed for Bakers, by Gram Commercial - Hoshizaki

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Blast Chiller / Shock Freezer BAKER SF 95 designed for Bakers, by Gram Commercial - Hoshizaki

Product series: Baker

The GRAM air circulation system is key to maintaining correct and uniform temperature and humidity levels inside the cabinet.

The air is exhausted and refrigerated before being directed back into the cabinet, circulating around all food items. Thus, unwanted dehydration and skin forming of doughs can be avoided almost entirely.


Preserving Quality

Both storage and process cabinets come with built-in functionalities that preserve the quality of your bakery products at all times.


Low Running Costs

The energy-efficient refrigeration technology implemented in this wide line-up of storage cabinets can help save running costs on a day-to-day basis.


Built-in Safety

All BAKER Cabinets come with a controller equipped with safety functions: Door alarm, alarms for high-temperature levels, or when the cleaning of the condenser filter is required to avoid overheating.


A top panel perfectly protects the controller from water splashes.



The SF can be used as a quick chiller/freezer, storage freezer, storage refrigerator, or thawing cabinet.

If required, the GA can be also used continuously as a freezer, as a refrigerator, or as a prover.


Designed for Bakers

The GRAM BAKER series strikes with features, specifically designed for the requirements of bakery

businesses. The cabinet meets standard bakery tray sizes and the support rails can be individually positioned.


The BAKER SF 950 CCG L2 25B comes with the following extras:

  • Right-hand hinged door with lock
  • Air circulation system
  • Dry cooling and controlled thawing (M versions)
  • Automatic defrost and re-evaporation of water

Temperature range -30/+10°C

Volume, gross (l) 949

Interior Stainless

Dimensions W x D x H (mm) 820 x 1065 x 2242

Weight, packed (kg) 186

Refrigerant R290

Connection 230V, 50 Hz

Connection load (Watt) 1667

Sound level – dB(A) 48.9

Insulation (mm) 70 mm (cyclopentane)

Refrigeration capacity at -25°C

(Watt) 1810

Climate class 5

GN – Shelf size Tray slides 60 x 80 cm / 60 x 40 cm

Door Type Solid Door

Legs / Castors H = 135/200 mm (L2)

Exterior Stainless

Refrigerant (kg) 0.46

CO2 equivalent (kg) 1.38


Equipped with

  • Right hand hinged reversible door with lock
  • automatic door closing
  • pedal door opener
  • 25 pairs of supports included (60x80 cm)