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Industrial & Commercial Cooling.

Refrigerating solutions of high energy efficiency and environmentally friendly!

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With years of experience in refrigeration, we provide integrated solutions in the Food Industry, the Farm Service and Pharmaceutical Products Methods as well as Controlled Atmosphere Rooms. We create Industrial Cooling Facilities with High-Performance Solutions that are energy efficient and extremely reliable, with silent operation.

We selected Brands with high quality products and incomparable aesthetics. Partnerships thrive for many years and left behind satisfied and successful customers. We guarantee modernized and timeless stores operating efficiently and workshops, which will be the source of inspiration and creativity.

We provide High-quality services, from the idea to the After Sales Service. We cooperate with Cooling and Mechanical Engineers, Architects, Trade Companies, Legal Advisers, Quality Auditors and Certifiers, Administration and International Food Business Specialists, Leasing Companies from Greece and abroad.

We are Proud of Our Brands and Partners 

We offer Turnkey solutions, with the support and cooperation of the largest European Companies in Commercial and Industrial Cooling.

Why Trust Liakos Cooling Systems

  • 55 Years Experience in Industrial & Commercial Cooling
  • All of our Brands and our Partners are Certified by Specification ISO.
  • Excellent Quality - Price
  • German Products, Great Quality (German Standards)
  • Italian products, Style (Italian Design)
  • Greek Products (Economy Solutions)
  • Eco-Friendly Specifications

  • Energy-Saving Solutions

  • Integrated Solutions with Turnkey and Extension Prospect

  • Refrigeration Equipment for your Present and your Future Needs

  • Our Technical Support Team Works 24/7

  • Our Service Team arrives throughout mostly Greece and Europe

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24hr Service: We Love our Clients, And They Love Us.

Liakos Cooling Systems guarantees continuous 24-hour technical support by qualified and certified personnel with high expertise, and years of experience in commercial and industrial cooling.

Liakos Technical Support

In the context of integrated services to our customers, we provide 24hours technical support for any need that arises. If you have any problem occurs in relation to our products (or not) you can call us on +30 6977 570 334, send an email to info@liakos.gr or click below to fill in the form with your technical support request and will contact you immediately.

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